Navigating Dallas Divorces With Professionalism And Compassion

Divorces can drastically alter the foundation of someone’s life and leave them uncertain about what comes next. In the face of that uncertainty, finding an attorney with the legal proficiency and compassionate customer service to get you through the divorce efficiently is crucial.

CARLOCK & GORMLEY works tirelessly to find the best possible outcomes for families and individuals throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Our respected reputation – among attorneys and clients, alike – is built upon legal services dedicated to your best interests.

Working With The Full Scope Of Divorce

The complexity of filing for divorce can be overwhelming on its own. When complicated assets or children are involved, the complexity increases. Our attorneys have decades of experience helping Texas families find creative resolutions for marriage dissolution and the breadth of associated legal matters.

Assisting With Complex Property Division

Some assets, like furniture or cars, have valuations set by their respective markets, and the process of dividing these things up can simply be a matter of deciding who will take what or how the liquidated assets will be distributed.

Complex assets, such as retirement benefits or business shares, require a more rigorous valuation and division process.

Our attorneys’ long-standing relationships with valuators and experience in complex asset division can benefit you, whether we are representing your interests in or out of the courtroom. For assets that may be hidden, we can tap into our network of forensic accountants to make sure the asset division process remains fair for all parties involved.

Addressing Financial Needs With Child Support And Alimony

As assets are divided, the financial needs of your children and your former partner may become abundantly clear. Working to create a support agreement for your former spouse or your children can affect the asset distribution process, and vice versa.

We can facilitate a collaborative discussion or represent your interests to create support agreements that meet your specific needs. In the case of child support, we strive to honor the children’s best interests with solutions that provide for them.

As you and your former spouse undergo significant life changes, we can assist you in modifying support decrees to reflect those changes.

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